Cleaningwashing photo

Before I put your dirty blanket into the washing machine, I use a low power pressure washer to remove the large chunks of manure and dirt from your blanket. All the blanket washing is done in a frontend loading washing machine that provides a larger washing space and gentler washing process for your blanket. An agitator type machine can potentially twist and pull on your blanket causing damage and inadequate cleaning. All the blankets are hung to dry on racks, drying machines can cause shrinkage and compromise the blankets waterproofing treatment. Most blanket manufactures recommend air drying.


Basic Wash – Used for all non waterproof type blankets. I use a detergent that eliminates odors, rinses clean and has a stain guard to prevent the re-depositing of dirt and soil.

Nikwax Rug Wash – Rug Wash prolongs the factory waterproofing and life of synthetic and canvas horse blankets. It rinses clean and is great at removing dirt and manure.

Nikwax Wool Wash – I use wool wash on wool coolers, wool dress sheets and saddle pads. Wool Wash enhances the natural wicking properties of wool without degrading the material. The blanket is washed and rinsed in cold water to prevent shrinkage.