How to get started

When you’re ready to use the blanket service, follow this simple process.

1)      Locate a blanket ticket. If my blanket service has already been established at your location, look for the “Barb’s Blankets” notebook. You will find blanket tickets inside the notebook. If you are a new customer or you do not have any blanket tickets, download a blanket ticket. Downloading a blanket ticket can be done from this website. The blanket ticket is located under “The Process” tab.

2)      Fill out the blanket ticket. Please be specific when filling out the tickets. I need to know how to contact you and what services you desire.

3)      Place your blanket in a garbage bag accompanied with the blanket ticket. If you’re placing more than one blanket per bag, please include a ticket for each blanket with descriptive cleaning and repairing instructions.

4)      Now it’s time to contact me. You can contact me via landline, cell phone, text or email. Please give me the barn name, the physical location the blankets at the barn and any information that will help me better serve you.

5)      When your blankets are finished, I will contact you. I will give you the total due and several possible delivery day options. I will only drop off blankets at a private barn if you have left payment in the form of cash or check. When picking up your blankets at your local feed store, you must pay for the blankets prior to taking them. You have 90 days to pay for the service. If I don’t receive payment or you have not contacted me with another payment option, I reserve the right to sell your items to recoup my loses.